Responsible DeFi

Newly, Decentralized Finance faces two major problems: high transaction costs and a huge carbon footprint on the environment due to excessive energy consumption.

To address these issues, Energyfi is designing green and cost-effective Decentralized Finance by providing a comprehensive set of DeFi features on Energy Web, Avax, Near and Bsc, all while accelerating their adoption.


The Energyfi platform includes a wide range of features, all designed to enable the adoption of the Green networks and the emergence of an eco-friendly Decentralized Finance.
This includes cross-chain Launchpad, Dex, Staking/Farming and Lending features.

All in one DeFi Platform

for Green Networks


EnergyPad is a cross-chain and permissionless, rugpull proof ILO platform.
Let's drive mass adoption to green networks by making them accessible to project creators and investors.


EnergySwap is a cross-chain and eco-friendly DEX.
EnergySwap focuses on providing sufficient amounts of liquidity by being the most rewarding solution for liquidity providers on the crypto market.


Farm EFI tokens and earn by providing them with liquidity in designated pools or Stake EFI and earn a portion of the swap fees in proportion to your share in the staking contract.
EnergySave, a new way to earn passive income.


Through EnergyLend, users will lend cryptocurrencies and earn interest, or borrow cryptocurrencies and pay some interest overtime.
With EnergyLend, enjoy a fast, secure, and energy-efficient lending/borrowing feature.

Energyfi Token EFI

Platform Utility

EFI token will have multiple use cases such as governance and platform utility. Holding EFI token will also be necessary in order to use some of the Energyfi services.

Passive Income

EFI holders will have the opportunity to earn interest through Staking and Farming, they will also earn passive income thanks to the redistribution of profits generated by EnergyPad.

Deflationary System

A 0.5% burn is applied to each transaction, as provided for in the EFI smart contract.
The higher the volume, the more deflationary EFI will be.

Reflection Mechanism

EFI token holders' balances automatically increase as they earn the 1% transaction fee and frictionless apy rewards.

Energyfi Docs

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All about the EFI token.



If you want to know more about the exciting and promising future of Energyfi, you can find it here.


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Energyfi, for a Green Metaverse

Through EnergyPad, Energyfi is committed to design Green Metaverse by facilitating the funding and development of Metaverse-based softwares on low-carbon blockchain like EWC, AVAX and NEAR.


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Energyfi is designing green and cost-effective Decentralized Finance by providing a complete set of DeFi features on Energy Web, Avax, Near and Bsc, all while accelerating their adoption.

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